High Speed Floor Care

Advantage I - The Floor Finish

A super high gloss floor finish designed for 1000 to 2700 rpm floor machines. It has outstanding shine and durability. Excellent scuff, black mark and slip resistance. With this new “thermosetting” formula, the finish actually cures during high speed buffing so you can re-buff 10 minutes after the floor is dry. As you buff, you will notice the floor taking on a unbeatable high gloss.

Advantage II - The Cleaner

A neutral pH cleaner that will neither attack nor leave a film on the floor finish and will actually enhance the appearance of the finish. This cleaner is modified by “impeller processing” to outperform any cleaner-restorer you may have tried. This twenty-first century cleaner removes the dirt and grime from your floors and adds new beauty to the finish as it dries. No extra buffing is needed.

Advantage III - The Restorer

Finally, a floor finish restorer that is not just a topcoat restoration. This penetrating, rejuvenating restorer brings out beauty that comes from within the floor finish itself. You can use this exciting new product in two different ways. It may be used as a dilutable restorer, which you mop on, let dry and then buff with a high-speed floor machine (1000 rpm to 2700 rpm). It can also be used as a spray buff solution in the standard manner with lower speed machines (175 rpm to 1000 rpm).

Advantage IV - The Stripper

A high-powered stripper designed to remove the most difficult finishes. Emulsifies heavy build up easily. Can be used as a mop on, mop off stripper at a 6-1 dilution, or dilute 16-1 for use with a machine and stripping pad. This product does all this and aids in deodorizing with a great new fragrance. NOT FOR USE ON LINOLEUM.

Advantage V - Dust Mop Treatment

A water based dust mop treatment that out cleans oil based products. Leaves no harmful film and will not cause the floor to be slippery. This new generation product will actually enhance the buffability of the floor finish.

Advantage VI - The Sealer

A penetrating super gloss sealer designed to give you the best base coat for the high speed Advantage System. Will not yellow and works on any resilient tile.