Floor Strippers

Non-Ammoniated Wax Stripper

Compare and be convinced that this is one of the best strippers around. No longer will you have to tolerate the unpleasant odor of ammoniated strippers. Emulsifies and breaks up old waxes and polymers.

Neutralizing Rinse Agent

A liquid neutralizer for your rinse water to be used after stripping. A little neutralizer goes a long way in safety for your floors. Neutralizes the floor finish to permit new applications of wax and floor finishes.

Ammoniated Wax Stripper

A powerful stripper that is formulated with the right amount of ammonia. This formula will emulsify and lift all types of water-based finishes and waxes. Residue is easily picked up with a wet mop.

Remov-it: Build Up and Seal Remover

Completely lift and dissolve finish faster with this unique stripper. Dilutes 4 to 1 to remove the toughest finish. Specially designed for the most difficult stripping jobs. NOT FOR USE ON ASPHALT TILE OR LINOLEUM.

Orange Stripper

A fast acting stripper that is safe to use on most floors, including asphalt tile. A lower pH makes this product a time saver too. No need for messy multi-floor rinses. A true mop and strip that will totally emulsify the toughest finish. NOT FOR USE ON LINOLEUM.

Lightning Fast Stripper

An extremely fast acting stripper- our strongest stripper produced. Very aggressive for those hard-to-remove floor coatings. NOT FOR USE ON LINOLEUM.

Safety Strip: No Rinse Stripper

Finally a truly safe stripper for all types of floors – even linoleum. No more worries about color fading or bleaching out tiles. When used as directed, no rinsing is needed. This is a true time and labor saver.

Odorless Ammoniated Stripper

A break through in floor care products. A multi-purpose stripper that has the power of an ammoniated stripper yet has a pleasant fragrance. Powerful, yes – but safe to use on most floors.