Drain Cleaners

Caustic Drain Opener

This heavy-duty caustic product is designed to remove most clogs in the drain except for paper. Immediately dissolves grease and hair and allows a free flow of water once again. Wonderful for use in kitchen areas.

Gen-Zyme Drain Maintenance

A potent combination of live bacteria that produce enzymes specially adapted to liquify and degrade organic waste material. This product also contains an odor counteractant to keep drains, septic tanks and holding tanks free from odor. Safe to use.

Drainiac Drain Opener Gel

A specially formulated in thick gel form to provide longer contact time to open clogged drain lines and garbage disposals. Its powerful formulation will penetrate through standing water in clogged drain lines to dissolve accumulated greases, soap scums and organic matters. If used on a regular basis, it will clean, prevent clogging and remove foul odor generated from drain lines and garbage disposals. This product does not dissolve cloth or hair that may be in the drain lines. Do not use plunger after adding the Drainiac Drain Opener Gel into drain lines during treatment.