Floor Finishes

Durable Acrylic Floor Finish - 16%

A tough, tried-and-true floor finish, designed to take tough traffic and keep coming back for more. Dries to a crystal clear film that will not yellow.

Mirage Plus Floor Finish

This is the ultimate floor finish that is resistant to scratching and scuffing, even in sandy, gritty, high-wear environments, and it’s ideal for use in retail, hospital, institutional and commercial buildings.

Dura Plus Floor Finish - 20%

An outstanding initial high gloss, extremely durable and high-speed buffable floor finish. Dura Plus can be used in high traffic areas such as retail stores, hospitals and schools. Instantly snaps back to an ultra high gloss through dry buffing or conventional spray buffing – restoration processes.

Strike Bac® Floor Finish - 25%

This product incorporates the hardness of a pure acrylic with the durability of a urethane. This product is considered the top-of-the-line when it comes to performance from a floor finish.

Dura Shine Floor Finish - 29%

The ultimate in gloss and durability. Plus the advantage of a “your way” maintenance program. From Ultra-High Speed to a Walk Away program, Dura Shine is the ALL CARE floor finish for you. High Traffic is what this finish is all about, easy restoration “do it your way”; spray buff, mop on restorer, instant gel or just dry buff without a care.

Tight Floor Finish

Tight is a combination sealer and finish that quickly dries to a mark, scuff and scratch-resistant high gloss. It can be used on all resilient floors including vinyl, vinyl asbestos, asphalt tile, linoleum, etc. as well as on terrazzo, concrete, quarry and unglazed ceramic tile. Tight is a high-tech, thermosetting floor finish. This unique feature allows ultra-high-speed burnishing either between coats or immediately after the last coat is dry. Tight can be burnished to a higher and harder gloss whenever you choose.

Innovation Floor Finish - 35%

A high solid, high gloss, long lasting floor finish. This product can take a beating and come back for more, time and time again. Ultra high or high speed buffing will keep your floors looking great. An occasional restoration with High Solids Restorer (#9919) will keep that “wet look” on your floors.

Thermal Poly Floor Finish - 32%

A combination thermoplastic floor finish and sealer with extra high gloss without buffing. Excellent slip resistance and black heel mark resistance. Can be sprayed, dry or high speed buffed back to a super high gloss.

25% Floor Finish

A high-gloss floor finish formulated to take hard knocks and stay looking good. With a minimum of work you can have great looking floors that will stay looking like new for a long time.

Reflection Floor Finish - 16%

A lower solids content version of our number one selling finish. This is the answer to the problem of “What should I carry in a low solids, economical floor finish?” A proven product used in school districts all over the western United States.

Reflection Floor Finish - 22%

A finish that is, quite simply, our number one best selling product. This is truly the answer to most floor problems. It can be applied to almost any floor and give the finest results. You can’t lose with this finish in a head to head comparison of other like finishes. Resists black marks extremely well.

Floor Finish of the Future - 20%

A quantum leap in floor care is now here. This remarkable finish will out shine and out wear the competition. This product gets high marks in safety and beauty.