Carpet Cleaners

Tannin Stain Remover

A fast and easy way to remove stubborn brown stains from carpet fibers and other fabrics. Safe to use on almost any type of carpet.

Carpet & Upholstery Extraction Cleaner

This product was designed to clean heavily soiled carpets and still be economical to use. Great for use in hotels, hospitals or anytime you want the benefits of a rotary machine’s cleaning ability. Avoid soaking the carpet when using this product.

Dry Foam Rug Shampoo

This is the product that was built around the dry foam machine. It offers you a fine dry foam that cleans deep down and holds the dirt so that it can be easily vacuumed when the carpet is dry. Very economical – this product dilutes 1 part to 24 parts water.

Carpet Steam Cleaner

A highly concentrated and economical product that will out clean any competitive cleaner. This product contains all of the finest cleaners for soil extraction and a special emulsifier to dissolve any residue. Pleasant fragrance and optical brighteners mix to make the best match in cleaning.


A little Defoamer really goes a long way. Just one cap full per five gallons in receiving tanks takes care of just about any foam problem. Works great in sewage treatment plants to eliminate foam problems.

Carpet Shield

A high quality treatment that does an excellent job of preventing the re-deposit of soils into carpets. Great for high traffic areas. This product can be used during carpet cleaning or as an after treatment. Leaves no waxy or soapy residue.

High Power Carpet Spotter

A highly effective product to remove stubborn stains in carpets. Liquifies and completely dissolves stains. Great for blood, food and beverage stains just spray on and blot them out.

Super Hi Power Rug Shampoo

This rug shampoo contains 30% more active solvent cleaners than #2040. This gives you faster cleaning and faster drying time. The higher solvent content also provides better spot removing capabilities.

Self-Neutralizing Carpet Soil Extractor

This unique soil extractor solution out cleans the competition while it neutralizes the carpet to a 7 pH. This self-neutralizing property eliminates browning and promotes longer carpet life.

Spin Clean II

A spin bonnet cleaner that cleans the carpet quickly, dries very fast and has a mild, fresh fragrance.

Paint, Oil, & Grease Remover

A solvent-based paint, oil and grease remover. For use on most carpet surfaces. Emulsifies and degreases hard to remove soils. Pleasant banana fragrance. Easy to use.

Citrus Spin

A spin-cleaning product that freshens the carpet while it cleans. Citrus Spin Clean cleans fast and leaves a crisp fresh citrus fragrance. A high dilution rate makes this a very economical product to use regularly. Biodegradable.


A non-hazardous, biodegradable, safe and easy to use carpet spotter. Based on a new concept utilizing digestive enzymes for removing spots and stains. Effective on protein, dirt, grease, pet stains and their odors and food stains. Can be used on Stain Master carpeting. Won’t cause brown out due to elevated pH. Use this product in conjunction with Enz-Extract, a duo system geared for the safety conscious person.


An extractor, deodorizer and stain remover all built into one. Enz-Extract will go after tough to remove dirt and stains found on commonly soiled carpets. High dilutions make this product very effective. Safe to use, environmentally sound and biodegradable. Helps to eliminate those stubborn odors left behind after cleaning. Use with Enz-Spot for the ultimate in cleaning of carpets.

Low pH Soil Extractor

A revolutionary new idea to carpet cleaning. Safe for most carpet surfaces including cotton and wool. Cleans and deodorizes in one step. Non-residual. Great for organic stains. Eliminates pet stains and odors. Removes blood and other difficult stains and odors almost on contact. Can also be used as a spin bonnet and spotter with proper dilution.

Odor B Gone

An odor eating product designed to counteract the odor – not just mask it. Dilute a small amount of Odor B Gone into any liquid carpet cleaner. The foul odors in the carpet will totally dissipate.

Carpet Spotter

A true all-purpose spotter designed to remove most stains the first time around. Safe to use before shampooing or as a one time spot and blot method.

Traffic Lane Cleaner

For use on heavily traveled areas. Just spray on and let stand a few minutes. Then use your normal shampoo methods.

Stop Odor

An odor eliminator for all types of problems. Stop Odor can be placed on the spot that the odor is coming from or can be mixed with shampoo. Works great on animal odors and other tough to get rid of effluvium.

Enzymatic Deodorizer

Eliminates malodors at their source. Concentrated. Biodegradable. For use on carpets, floors, waste receptacles and urinals. Very effective.